Declutter Kitchen Table: Hall Of Fame

by Taylor

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One of the early decluttering missions of each year is to declutter your kitchen table, and then get in the habit of keeping it that way.

This may, or may not, be a big deal for you. But I guarantee that taking the few minutes daily to keep your table clear will go a long way toward making your whole kitchen feel more organized and pleasant to be in.

Lots Of Activities Happen Here, Not Just Eating:

If you're like most people LOTS of stuff happens at your kitchen table, not just eating. There is homework, bill paying, chatting with a cup of coffee, etc.

But you can't do these things (at least easily) when you've got clutter and junk piled high on the table.

You have to move things to the side to eat, or stick your elbow in crumbs as you write something, or can't find the salt and pepper shakers amongst all the paper piles.

What Should Be Cleared Daily?

Ideally, your table should be generally free of clutter at least at one point of the day, daily.

I find it best to clear off the table after each meal (obviously), and then again as part of my end of the day routine when I'm cleaning up the kitchen for the evening.

That means, at least in our house, moving the piles of mail, homework papers that have been returned, library books, newspapers and coupon inserts, etc. (As you might have noticed we suffer from paper clutter mainly on our table.)

For others this may be moving crafts or other projects off, or something else entirely.

Don't keep this stuff there all the time, or you can't use this surface for its primary purpose -- eating with your family.

Your Table Doesn't Have To Be Bare To Be Clutter Free

On the other hand, your table doesn't have to be completely bare.

By all means put a pretty vase of flowers, a bowl of fruit, etc. on the table and keep it there.

Just make sure those types of decorative items don't take up so much room other functions cannot occur.

Further, things like placemats, salt and pepper shakers, a napkin holder, etc. also may have permanent residence on a still decluttered table.

The Biggest Part Of This Decluttering Challenge: Making It A Habit

declutter your home in 15 minutes a day
Clearing your table of clutter one day of the year is great, but it won't make a permanent impact in your kitchen unless you do it daily.

I've already shared that I try to clear off my kitchen each evening, before bed.

Do it whenever you need to that makes sense for you, but making it a habit is so very important!

Below I've gathered pictures from readers who've done this decluttering mission.

I encourage each of you to join the daily decluttering missions here, and do one 15 minute mission each day to get your home clutter free slowly, and consistently, throughout the year.

Photo courtesy of b0jangles

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Bry's Cleared Off Kitchen Table

by Bry

Thanks to Bry from Team Collard who shared her cleared off table picture.

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Nice Clean Table & Kitchen

by Jan

Jan from The Crafty Mermaid's Grotto shared her after picture.

It looks great with the tablecloth and placemats already added, ready for the family to eat together.

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My Table's Clear Because I Pile My Junk Somewhere Else!

by Heather

My kitchen table is good but my bar catches all!

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Needs To Be Cleaned Off Or It Drives Me Nuts

by Jamie

With 6 children and 3 adults in this house I had to have a clean table or it drives me nuts.

First thing to get cleaned after kids go to school is the kitchen. I would go crazy otherwise.

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Uncluttered & Decorated Table

by Samanthia

Nothing better be left on my kitchen/dining table after homework, eating or just kicking it with friends. LOL.

This is the Christmas time look of my table. Most times it is uncluttered like this.

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When The Kitchen Is Clean Everything Feels Better!

by Zoe

Here's my dining table.

I keep a lazy Suzan on the table with healthy snacks for the kiddos to munch on whenever they want. It keeps them from digging around cupboards and the fridge.

And the only mess is on the table - easy clean.

When the kitchen is clean, everything feels (and smells) better!

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Clearing Kitchen Table Of Clutter: Before & After

by Tina



After Before

Tina from Dancing in The Fire shared her before and after pictures when she did this mission.

She said: "My pretty dining table. Somehow this and the bar have become our natural dumping grounds. I am working hard at finding organized alternatives!"

Taylor says:

Wow, look at the difference! That looks wonderful Tina. Congrats on doing such a good job.

Are You Inspired To Get Organized This Year?

organized home challenge
I hope this has helped inspire you to get more organized this year.

This decluttering mission is part of Week #1 of the challenges, all about kitchen counter organization.

It is just the first of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge that helps you get your whole house organized over the course of the year. I hope you'll join us!

Plus, once you've done this easy mission make sure to send me your pictures here and I'll add them to the page!

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Bottom photo courtesy of Richard_of_England

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Comments for Clearing Kitchen Table Of Clutter: Before & After

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advantage of this task
by: Brandi

I find I'm so much more relaxed and happier when the table is cleaned off.

how I try to avoid cluttering my table
by: Sue

I keep a lace tablecloth on our table with flowers or a decorative centerpiece. It really helps us avoid making the table a 'plop spot.'

mine is like a rummage sale
by: Natalie

My kitchen table is like a rummage sale at the moment, loads of clean clothes that need folding up.

my biggest pitfall
by: Allison

Challenge accepted. This is my biggest pitfall ever in the house.

my problem is dining room table
by: Casandra

We eat our meals at the kitchen table so it is cleaned in between. The dining room table is a whole different story! :(

this does make a difference
by: Jackie

A clean table DOES make a big difference, as does a clean sink. It changes one's mood.

Dreading this one
by: TLK

My kitchen table has been a catch all for years, then I decided to turn it into a desk for our computer. I'd like to have a kitchen table usable for eating, but not sure the rest of the family would even use it and it would become a catchall again. Or do I clean the kitchen table as the desk, because it is still a catch all..... hmmmm decisions....

by: Mary

Love how it looks! Love how it makes me feel! Now, how do I get myself to make it a habit?

Folding Up
by: Rebecca

I learned a while ago that I can't fold up on the kitchen table. Quite often I'll fold up but get distracted with all the other things I have to do and so it doesn't get put away straight away, or the older kids are slow in taking their pile of clothes. We get much more use out of the table now that I don't fold up on it.

what finally worked for me
by: Anonymous

I tried so many things. Then I put a crochet with a lid and if you do not get your stuff out, I put it in a shoe box on the shelf. It is your responsibility to dig out your "stuff."

Husband Uses Kitchen Table For Studying
by: Anonymous

I sure could use some suggestions on this one! My husband has gone back to college almost full-time, and he uses our dining room table (& floor too) for his "office" to study. If he only kept his laptop computer and a few books on the table I could live with that. However, he keeps his books, piles of papers (schoolwork), and more piles of papers all over the entire table (and then more stuff on the floor in the corner). We no longer use our dining room table for it's intended purpose, and I hate the mess. My husband does need a large table to work at, and that unfortunately means the dining room table. He won't clean off the table so that we can use it as a dining table, because he constantly needs it each day to study. He keeps telling me that in 7 more months we can go back to the dining room being the dining room (because that's when he'll graduate). In the meantime, any suggestions? This is a constant battle.

Biggest Challenge for Me!
by: Stacey

My husband and I have 'FSS' aka 'Flat Surface Syndrome.' Basically, if something can be piled on it, there WILL be a pile on it. I got rid of all tables except the kitchen table in our house, so surprisingly, this is where everything gets piled. I'm going to work hard on this one because it makes me crazy!

The lazy susan is a great idea!
by: Aimee

I LOVE the idea of a lazy susan on the kitchen table to keep the kids' snacks on. I always keep a bowl of fresh fruit on my table to encourage my kids to have fruit throughout the day, but the lazy susan would be great for other snacks like crackers, pretzels, veggie straws, etc. Thanks for the tip!

Someone else's stuff
by: Anonymous

Our kitchen table and island are both clutter collectors, especially paper clutter. I can pick up after myself but what suggestions do you have for when the stuff belongs to someone else, e.g., Hubby?

where to put the bills, mail?
by: Karen

I love the idea of cleaning just before bedtime each night, but my kitchen island now becomes the cluttered space. Any suggestions on where to put the bills, mail, etc.?

This is a challenge
by: Mary Pat Higley

My kitchen table is piled high with paperwork. We have a dining room table that is clear, most of the time. Every day I'm trying to declutter a little. Appreciate your info.

what to do with the table clutter?
by: Anonymous

How do you make a home for the things that clutter the kitchen table?

Where to put the stuff
by: Meena

Ideas on where to put the stuff that accumulates on the table would be more helpful. Thanks.

Ideas of where to put the stuff
by: Taylor

Hi Meena, it is difficult to say where to put the stuff, because each person's home is different, as is the stuff that is frequently put on the table. The whole purpose of the Declutter 365 missions is to declutter, slowly, all areas of your home so you'll have a space for everything important, and can put it in that rightful spot. Focus on whatever clutter you keep finding on your table and then find homes for items like that, even if that means you need to declutter another area of your home to make room. For example, if mail keeps getting piled on the table you need to focus on a spot to put incoming mail in your home that you will place it instead. You can check out the mail organization challenge for more suggestions on that. Feel free to search the site for whatever your problem area is for more ideas.

Husband back at school
by: Teresa

To Anonymous whose husband uses the dining room table as his desk because he's back at school. How would it be if you accepted that for the next seven months, that area is his. He does need it after all, and I'm thinking his going back to school is for you and the whole family too? Not just to boost his ego? Perhaps you could find some other projects to work on, and as far as your hubby goes just concentrate on encouraging him and thanking him for how hard he is working for you. Let him know you believe in him; respect him for who he is and what he is doing for the family. Seven months truly will be here before you know it, especially if you can look at the positives and dump the negatives!

create a clutter drawer
by: Debbie

We have no kitchen table (as) we eat @ the bar which connects to countertops. Boy is it handy to (toss stuff on) as we're passing by. I wonder if some of you could 'clean out' a drawer (that's near) the door people enter. And tell everyone to toss their stuff into that drawer. Yes - once a week or month or whenever, it will have to be cleaned out - - - but until then, make it be the clutter-catcher. Or if you don't have an available drawer - - - go to your local GoodWill & purchase a large decorative basket (and once again) tell everyone to toss their goodies into it (rather than) just upon the counter. Things always look visually cleaner if they're in a tray or basket or box. Because (stop & think) Where DO you put the article you cut out of the paper to give to a friend (or the) specialty light bulb that burnt out of your favorite lamp (or the) stuffed dog toy you intend on sewing back together? There's no way people can find/create a space for all of these unique things that everyone has. So I suggest the basket or drawer. Anyone else got-an-idea?

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